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    SBM is a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments.

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  • Sand Making Machine
    First from business sand line for, manufacturing artificial sand not only needs Sand Making Machine, also needs a article full of line, this article line in the including several Taiwan broken machine, Sand Making Machine and wash sand machine also has belt machine, and vibration to material machine, and vibration sieve, equipment, according to this a package equipment of price for, business sand line in the production of artificial sand of cost is high of, General for just began production artificial sand of user for, This production line design takes a long time to recover the cost.Secondly, from the quality of the machine, need artificial sand production machine needs to have a certain degree of quality assurance, Sand Making Machine works is impact crushing materials and machines, this principle is the common principle of crushing equipment in sand making production line. The extreme hardness of the stone, stone machine wear caused by impact with the machine is going fast, or even damage to the machine is inevitable, for user, it is not a small expense. Machine wear parts replaced, such as damage to the machine maintenance and running costs are a major expense.

  • Innovation And Development Of Eq reported that high-altitude automatic exhaust pipe racking system including the main components of mechanical hand, power elevators and chuck, can replace traditional high-risk derrick operation, to achieve two-story station unmanned operation. ···

  • Light Truck Carrying Three Large According to the Automobile Association statistics show that from January to October this year, total sales of domestic light truck approaching 1.6 million, achieving an increase of 5%, the market continued to maintain volume and Charge momentum. Beh ···

  • January Loaders Hc Engineering M var provincesel = document.getElementById (‘province_slt’);
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    68000.00 / vehicle
    Xuzhou City, Jiangsu
    Ha Long work Liugong Xugong Chang Lin
    supply loaders Loaders Used forklifts 50 and ···

  • Adhere To Independent Innovation As a manager level, Chi Fortum equipment unit 林贤斌 manager is more focused on operations, maintenance and other car costs. He gave reporters calculations.
    repairman Master Chen: Because we Chongqing is a mountainous region, ramps and more frequen ···

  • Yuchai Group Sustainable Develop conference, President Xu, Li Yizhong, Minister, Miss Chen Ying and Vertical Roller Mill other leaders to publish a social responsibility report issued units of issuing certifiSBM ···

  • Along The Way Program Introduced According to experts, there are three types of projects have been entered into the details of the scrutiny stage. First, in the field of infrastructure projects, particularly in the field of transport infrastructure planning has been formed and refin ···

  • Highend Hydraulic Excavator More January, the core components of the hydraulic valve production plant under construction in Xugong hydraulic parts company, hydraulic valve plant after annual production is expected to more than 2,000 sets. Steadily hydraulic valve projects, help comp ···

  • The New Town Will Become The Mai stock index has the potential to challenge 2400 points
    meeting, fiscal 2013 through the Institute of Securities on the macroeconomic situation, investment strategies and investors made the sharing and exchange, they believe that the economic sta ···